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WVSDAA Alumni's Welcome,
West Virginia School for the Deaf Alumni Association established in 1947 at West Virginia School for the Deaf. We are currently serve over 540 members in state and nation wide. 
The purpose of this Association shall be primarily to keep alive the alumni’s love for, an interest in, their Alma Mater; to look after the welfare of the West Virginia School for the Deaf’s students and alumni, and to promote worthy endeavor and social among the students, graduates, and former pupils of the School.

The West Virginia School for the Deaf’s beloved mascot was Lions since 1870 until 2021. The West Virginia School for the Blind’s mascot was Raiders since 1870 until 2021. WVSD and WVSB were considered as separate schools on the same campus until Fall 2021.
Because of low enrollment at WVSDB, both schools merged into a school occupied at Sevigny Hall. Both schools decided upon a new mascot to model a new image of school as a united front. They chose Black Bear to represent unity and fierce just like the state animal. The colors remain the same. Let’s go Blue and Gold!

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Lion and Black Bear.png
Lion and Black Bear drawing by Jacob Gruseck, Pittsburgh, PA

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